A festival celebrated by the Sikh community known as the Khalsa every year on April 14th. It is also celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists for different reasons, including the start of a new year. This day is also considered the Thanksgiving Day by the farmers, who pay their tribute, thanking god for the abundant harvest and praying for future prosperity.

Learning about different cultures and people fascinate me. This year, the Vaisakhi Festival was being held a few blocks from my neighbourhood in South Vancouver. And what better way to feed my brain and keep my senses open by attending this celebration. While taking a flurry of pictures like a mad person, I was surrounded by a colourful array of Sari’s worn by women and turbans worn by men. The smell of sweet and spicy pungent spices filled my nostrils, and the platters of traditional and delicious food tingled my taste buds. What I loved most about this event is the feeling of community – that no matter who you were or what culture you came from, greetings were passed around and everyone was accepted. All I know is, I am definitely going back next April to party on and celebrate with this remarkable community along with mouth-watering (and did I forget to mention- FREE) food.

(Top) A woman offering us several dishes and an Indian dessert

(Top) A line-up of women flaunting their traditional Sari’s
(Top) My younger sister, Julie, and my Lola (Grandmother) enjoying the weather and the delicious Indian food
Two Punjabi men exchanging conversation.
Main and Fraser streets flooded with people of all cultures, celebrating Vaisakhi Festival.


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